Cooper’s Hypnobabies Birth Story

Cooper’s guess date was Friday, September 29, 2017. I had planned on flying my good friend, doula, and photographer–Marci– in for the birth. She was arriving on Wednesday, September 27th. I kept telling the baby he was not allowed to come until she was here! And he listened! We were able to take amazing maternity pictures before he came–which I will always treasure.

On Thursday morning the 28th at around 3:00am, I woke up with some pressure waves. I was so excited that my birthing time might be starting. I couldn’t go back to sleep. I listened to Deepening, and Fear Clearing, and Birthing Day Affirmations. The waves slowly fizzled out and I fell back to sleep.

Friday morning, at around 3:00am the same thing happened. Except this time, the waves felt different and I had bloody show! I listened to Birthing Day Affirmations and started timing the waves. They were pretty consistent but around 7:00am, they slowed down. But I still felt like it was my birthing day so I told Cory to stay home from work. That morning we all went for a walk to try to get the waves consistent again, but it didn’t work. Throughout the day, I had easy waves and I just did my best to go about my day.

Around 3:00pm, I decided that laying down with the peanut ball sounded really comfortable. As I laid there, my dog laid with me. He knew something was up. My waves suddenly became consistent again.


I noticed Cooper was in a weird position. I was pretty sure he was posterior too because I could feel an arm by my pubic bone. Around 4:00pm, Marci had me do some inversions.

23556678748_8387ec6762_o (1)

At this point, Cory took the boys to run an errand and get dinner. Marci and I went over the Hypnobabies Quick Reference Guide since we hadn’t done that yet. I also did some side stepping on the stairs. 5:00pm rolled around and I decided that if my waves stayed consistent, I would let my midwife, Jenny, know that it was time to head over. She lives on the opposite side of Phoenix, so it would take her an hour and a half in rush hour traffic to get to me. Throughout the hour, my waves were about 5 minutes apart lasting 1 minute long. So at 6:00pm, we told her to make her way over! Cory took the boys to a friends house after they had eaten dinner.

We started preparing my bedroom. Marci taped plastic on the carpet and we put the plastic sheet on the bed. She and Cory started filling the tub half way as well. I turned on the BYU football game and watched that in between waves. I sat on my ball through some easy waves and used the finger-drop technique. I still was having bloody show–so that was a good sign.


Jenny arrived around 7:30pm. I asked her to check me once she was settled in and I used the bathroom. I was 100% effaced and 4cm. I was shocked! I thought I was much further along because of how my waves felt. BUT the baby was at 0 station, so he was SUPER low. Jenny said my cervix was posterior so his head was not on it properly. She and Marci knew exactly what to do to get the baby and my cervix lined up. I did some waves sitting on the peanut ball leaning against Cory–which was actually super comfortable.


Around 8:00pm we needed to make sure the boys got home and in to bed because they were up at 5:00am! We told the midwives and Marci to hide in our room while Cory snuck them upstairs and gave them a quick bath. While he was doing that, I did some more inversions and Jenny and Marci did some sifting on me with a sheet–which was about at 8:30pm. After a few minutes of that Jenny said, “Ok, that’s probably good!” Somewhere around this time, we turned on Easy First Stage–since the football game was over. I had a couple of waves leaning over my bed and then they suggested I get in bed to rest a little bit. (8:45pm)

As I laid in bed with the peanut ball between my legs, I started vocalizing a bit. I think Jenny and Marci knew what was up because at around 9:15, Jenny asked if I wanted to get in the pool. I was hesitant because in my mind, I still had a long way to go. But she told me I could always get out if I wanted to. Staying in Center, I moved to the pool.


I really needed my husband. He was a great support by putting his hand on my shoulder for the Relax cue. Things really intensified around this time. I remember having 3 waves right on top of each other. One wave would peak and not subside all the way. Then the next one would peak, and not subside–3 times! Marci asked if they were going down all the way, I just shook my head no. It was comforting how observant she was.


The next wave, my body pushed. I was surprised because I honestly thought it wasn’t time for that yet. I thought it was a fluke. So I waited until the next wave to see what would happen. Aaaand my body REALLY pushed this time. So I let everyone know I was pushing and asked for the Pushing track to be put on. I reached down and felt the bag of waters bulging! I told everyone mostly because I was shocked he was coming so soon. I breathed down the Peace cue to myself over and over again–almost like a chant. Marci was telling me, “Peace, peace,” over and over again too. I imagined his head as an orange hypno-anesthesia ball coming down–kind of what the track says. I felt down and could feel his head crowning–still in the sac! I joked with friends that it was my life goal to have a baby en caul–as if I have control over that. Whenever I imagined birthing my baby, he was always in his bag of waters. So I think my mind played a big part in that.  I felt so much pressure that I kind of yelled out that I didn’t want to tear! Jenny told me to go slow, but I honestly couldn’t. My body was doing all of the pushing. It was amazing to feel how strong my uterus was.


Once his head was out, the midwives and Marci were excitedly telling me he was still in his sac!  I told Marci to take lots of pictures. But I don’t feel comfortable posting pictures of my butt on the internet. So if any of my friends or birth junkies want to see those pictures, just message me! It’s pretty cool!

With the next wave, his body came out and Jenny broke my water just as fast! He was getting ready to take his first breath and my placenta was not ready to come out. So with him coming out with the sac, it was pulling on my placenta that was still attached to me. I’m so glad Jenny knew exactly what to do and acted so fast.

CooperBirth-6628smCooper Birth-6629CooperBirth-6637smCooperBirth-6633smCooperBirth-6640smCooperBirth-6647sm

He was born around 9:45pm–so from the time Jenny checked me to him being born was only 2 hours! Things went super fast once he was lined up on top of my cervix! Right after he came out, I had a huge gush of blood–because of him pulling on the placenta. The water turned red! I honestly didn’t notice. I was so into my new baby I just birthed!


We didn’t stay in the pool long. Jenny had us get right out and onto the bed.


I loved being at home where there was no panic or hysteria. I was surrounded by 3 loving midwives, a doula, and my husband. It was so peaceful. It was bliss! I was thrilled I got to experience my first water birth! I think the warm water really helped while I was pushing because I didn’t tear! Baby Cooper was bigger than my other boys by over a pound! He’s a very special boy and I’m so glad he’s here! I love giving birth. It really is such a high. Another successful Hypnobabies birth for the books!

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